Tesla Replaces Elon Musk With Telstra’s CFO As The Chairman

08.11.2018 17:38:54

Elon Musk was requested to venture down as Tesla's Chairman under the settlement with The Securities and Exchange Commission after he tweeted about Tesla going private and anchoring assets for the equivalent.


The SEC found the notorious "420" tweet deluding as it caused an uproar in the offer market. A grumbling was recorded against Musk, and he was requested to venture down from the situation of the executive of the governing body of Tesla. Moreover, a fine of $20 million was likewise forced on Musk for the tweet.

Today, Tesla has designated Robyn Denholm as the new administrator of the directorate. Denholm has filled in as a leading group of the part since 2014 and has broad involvement in car space. Already, she has taken care of critical positions at Sun Microsystems, Juniper Networks, Toyota.


As of now, Denholm is filling in as the CFO at Telstra, a main Australian Telecom supplier. She will stop her situation at Telstra to fill in the position cleared by Musk.

Remarking on the new authority, Musk stated:

Robyn has broad involvement in both the tech and auto businesses, and she has made critical commitments as a Tesla Board part in the course of recent years in helping us turn into a productive organization … I anticipate working much more intimately with Robyn as we keep quickening the approach of maintainable vitality.

Elon Musk remains the CEO of Tesla. Notwithstanding, he can't challenge for the top managerial staff position for a long time as indicated by the settlement with the SEC.


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