Social Activity Bonus

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Sign of Horn!

VIZ Worldwide initiate Social Activity Bonus (SAB) Fund with 1,000,000 VIZ SHARES to expand ecosystem and provide users involvement.

SAB Fund formed by @social account by accumulating awards using excess energy.

Program conditions: Award others using browser extension (Vizonator) or @viz_social_bot in Telegram network at least with 10% of energy in last 24 hours.

Vizonator support awards to social network users like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram. Read more →

1% from SAB Fund will be daily splitted between each account fulfilled the program conditions. That way each user will get part of SAB Fund (it must be at least 0.001 VIZ for transfer or will be delayed to the next day for greater SAB Fund).

Rules: Any account can be excluded from the SAB program if it is noticed in abuse actions.