Social Activity Bonus (PAUSED)

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Sign of Horn!

VIZ Worldwide initiate Social Activity Bonus (SAB) Fund with 1,000,000 Ƶ (VIZ SHARES) to expand ecosystem and provide users involvement.

SAB Fund formed by @social account by accumulating awards using excess energy.

Program conditions: Award others using browser extension (Vizonator) or @viz_social_bot in Telegram network at least with 10% of energy in last 24 hours (not counting airdrops below 1 Ƶ).

Vizonator support awards to social network users like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram. Read more →

1% from SAB Fund will be daily splitted between each account fulfilled the program conditions. That way each user will get part of SAB Fund (it must be at least 0.001 Ƶ for transfer or will be delayed to the next day for greater SAB Fund).

Rules: Any account can be excluded from the SAB program if it is noticed in abuse actions.

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