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528.963 Ƶ
Plume Canary (@ingaret)
440.870 Ƶ
Katherine Wu (@katherineykwu)
investing @coinbase ventures ✨ former resume items: 💰 vc @notationcapital 🖇 bd/community @Messaricrypto 👩🏻‍⚖️ bonus: law degree 🇨🇳 fluent in 中文 🗳DMs open. Brooklyn, NY
212.580 Ƶ
Josh Shipp (@JoshShipp)
Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. Los Gatos, CA
153.077 Ƶ
Ayanna Pressley (@AyannaPressley)
Your Congresswoman. Proudly representing the MA 7th. Here to break concrete ceilings & shake the table. Personal account. She/hers. #ChangeCantWait. Dorchester, MA
130.160 Ƶ
мяфля древесный жук (@zulwey)
Сыч-тян, мягкая вафля, делаю игру. Задрот всякого всего. Осторожно, тут намякано! Если что - 4276 1300 2986 0800 (сбер). Щитпостленд
113.370 Ƶ
белый шум (@convicium)
С детства за геймдев. Make games, not war
105.317 Ƶ
N3TC4T (@baltazar223)
Programming is like sex; even if you can do it in the morning, the night will always get its special taste . @XRPLLabs. Nederland
101.707 Ƶ
Binance (@binance)
The world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and digital asset exchange. #Binance #BNB
94.211 Ƶ
The light shines in the darkness (@MatthewLINY)
Surf the web for #XRP #Crypto and #digitalasset info if no real surf to ride. #XRP Capital of the world
93.119 Ƶ
Disney+ (@disneyplus)
We invite you to laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate #HispanicLatinxHeritageMonth with us
90.970 Ƶ
John McAfee (@officialmcafee)
Iconoclast. Lover of women, adventure and mystery. Founder of McAfee Anti-virus. Wherever I am
89.877 Ƶ
PlayStation Россия (@PlayStationRU)
Официальный Twitter-аккаунт PlayStation в России. Play Has No Limits. Москва, РФ
86.836 Ƶ
Live Coin Watch • Live Crypto Analytics (@LiveCoinWatch)
Leading cryptocurrency research platform. We provide real-time crypto data, analysis, news & some humor to crypto Twitter. (nothing we say is financial advice)
80.080 Ƶ
Galaxy (@galaxyBTC)
I am your BULL guide. ZNNalien
77.453 Ƶ
Follow us @BinanceUS (@BinanceAmerica)
We have moved! Follow @BinanceUS to join the community. San Francisco, CA
76.501 Ƶ
Meduza (@meduzaproject)
Это «Медуза». Только самые важные новости и тексты
73.786 Ƶ
Vyacheslav Gimadi (@vigimadi)
Команда Навального, руководитель юридического отдела. Moscow, Russia
71.458 Ƶ
xrpdarren (@Fame21Moore)
Nothing I say should be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor
68.910 Ƶ
Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky)
Lawyer, but not yours. General Counsel @compoundfinance. Strategic Advisor @variantfund. DeFi Chair @blockchainassn. Tweets aren't legal or financial advice. Washington, DC 🇺🇸
62.023 Ƶ
Соболь Любовь (@SobolLubov)
Юрист, политик, соратница Алексея Навального
61.549 Ƶ
Thomas Silkjær (@Silkjaer)
CEO and founder of @xrplorer, big data explorer and analyst. Forbes contributor. Aarhus, Denmark
55.643 Ƶ
NIFTSY Protocol (@NIFTSYProtocol)
Cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with real value #NFTs
54.467 Ƶ
tramdrey🎰 (@tramdrey) / / / создаю сеттинг @Exolithart
51.947 Ƶ
Ganesh Hiremath (@ganeshhiremath)
The revolution of blockchain is not going to happen from outside the system; it's going to happen from within the system. Doha, Qatar
47.538 Ƶ
𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚍 𝚂𝚌𝚑𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚣 (@JoelKatz)
Improving global settlement with blockchain tech. CTO at Ripple; one of the original architects of the XRP ledger. San Francisco, CA
44.204 Ƶ
Theodora (Theo) Lau - 劉䂀曼 (@psb_dc)
Founder @UnconventionVc | 📚 Co-Author — Beyond Good 🛒 | One Vision Podcast | Advisor | Speaker | Fintech | AI | Longevity | #BeyondGood. Washington, DC
43.583 Ƶ
Gerry Atrick (@JoeSmo05464358)
Curious investor in pursuit of knowledge and financial independence
41.537 Ƶ
Daniel Larimer (@bytemaster7)
On a mission to create free market solutions to secure life, liberty, property, and justice for all:,,,
33.990 Ƶ
Mishka Samurai (@MishkaSamurai)
DJ since 1998. Люблю кино, сериалы. крипто-гик. #dj #blockchain #fediverse #blurt #bitcoin #bitcoincash viz:ownership:feac2a5940d98e992a20bfa15359bfaf. Россия
29.882 Ƶ
Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano)
Building Pomp Investments. Have invested $200M+ in early stage companies, including multiple unicorns. Write a daily letter to 180k investors: Global
28.704 Ƶ
XRPScan (@xrpscan)
#1 XRP Ledger Explorer and network analysis platform. Switzerland
28.629 Ƶ
WietseWind - 🛠 XUMM @ XRPL Labs (@WietseWind)
Building on the XRP ledger. ♥ Wife, kids, 🦜 & programming (TS, nodejs, Linux ..) - BDFL at @XRPLLabs - XRP ledger tools development 🎉 @XummSupport/@XummWallet. Nederland (Netherlands)
25.233 Ƶ
Alex Buraks (@alexburaks)
SEO/Marketing, Head of Growth @ Riga, Latvia
23.237 Ƶ
CZ 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance)
Community member of #BNB & #bitcoin CEO @binance
22.679 Ƶ
Andreas T. (@andreastzav)
(@andreastzav). Science, Philosophy, Technology, Politics. Greece
22.337 Ƶ
Game Creator: 70% of my body is made of movies
18.713 Ƶ
𝔸𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕝𝕪 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕜𝕚𝕟💾 (@dosnostalgic)
MS-DOS gaming enthusiast, YouTuber, podcaster, cat admirer, Russian. Ask me about DOS games! Tell me your DOS game memories! I retweet and swear a lot. (He/Him). Upper Memory Block
15.803 Ƶ
Tkachenko Andrey (@TkachenkoAndre1)
Design and concept art: Fantastic Machines and Heroes. Nizhny Novgorod
15.655 Ƶ
🔥Bull Run Wonka🔥XRP👉$10+ (@WillyWonkaXRP)
XRP Investor | XRPL | Blockchain | Crypto | Ripple | Flare Networks | XRP | #Songbird #SGB #Pi #XRP #Ripple #Bitcoin #BTC #FXRP #FLR #Spark #FlareNetworks #XRPL. Wonka Factory
11.602 Ƶ
Dan Hedl (@danheld)
Follow me to learn about #Bitcoin. Growth @Krakenfx | Prior @InterchangeHQ (acq by @Krakenfx), Growth @Uber, PM @Blockchain, @ZeroBlock (acq by @Blockchain). Learn 👉
11.294 Ƶ
Zach (@ZachXBT)
Crypto since 2015 | 10x Rug pull survivor | Contributor in @resellcalendar @cryptodogpound. Tulum
10.916 Ƶ
Menaskop (@Menaskop)
Anarchist. Writer. Philosopher. Web 3.0 architect. Space
10.529 Ƶ
CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap)
Showcasing the crypto revolution to 200M+ monthly visitors (SimilarWeb March 2021 data)! Learn about crypto here:
10.522 Ƶ
NFT Daily (@NFTDaily)
#NFT #cryptocurrencies news, updates and featured projects. Join our TG to receive fastest news: For business proposal, contact:
10.297 Ƶ
HashBastards 🤑 (@HashBastardsNFT)
HashBastards are 200 1/1 collectible NFT's who are going to the moon. Or their mom’s basement. Bastards Owned: 46/61. Find them on @opensea
7.821 Ƶ
Emi Yoshikawa (@emy_wng)
Corporate Strategy & Operations @Ripple | 米国リップル本社勤務 | blockchain & crypto | MoneyTap board member | @HBSAlumni | CFA | 吉川絵美 | クリプト界隈や米スタートアップの日常などを呟きます. San Francisco, CA
7.039 Ƶ
🌎 CryptotipsFriends 🌎 Giveaways, News, Tips & More 🌎 #ERC1155 #NFT $INTER $CRTS $ENJ #BITCOIN Switzerland🇨🇭
6.865 Ƶ
Rob Donoghue (@rdonoghue)
Agile Nerd, Bag Nerd, Pen Nerd, Productivity Nerd and RPG Nerd (sense a theme?) Game Designer. Co-Founder of Evil Hat. Intermittently verbose. He/Him. Maryland, USA
6.007 Ƶ
Minter (@MinterTeam)
Minter is a single decentralized network where anyone can swap, send, & earn digital assets—#BTC, $ETH, #BIP, #USDT, and many more. Zug, Switzerland
5.516 Ƶ
vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin)
th (@VitalikButerin). Ethereum. Fable of the Dragon Tyrant (not mine but it's important): Daylight savings time delenda est. Earth
5.281 Ƶ
Justin Sun 🅣🌞 (@justinsuntron)
#Bitcoin 丨Chinese @sunyuchentron丨@Tronfoundation丨@BitTorrent丨1st Millennial Grad Hupan Uni by Jack Ma @alibabagroup #TRON #TRX #BitTorrent #BTT. Singapore
5.126 Ƶ
Alex Van de Sande (avsa.eth) (@avsa)
th) (@avsa). Preventing human-machines conflicts since 2014. Ethereum Foundation (2014), @unilogin (2018), @balancerlabs. Rio de Janeiro
4.405 Ƶ
Сергей Бойко (@dsboiko)
4.201 Ƶ
Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov)
Руководитель сети региональных штабов Алексея Навального; основатель Общества Защиты Интернета // // Moscow
3.797 Ƶ
Евгений Колмаков (@kolmakovea)
e latest Tweets from Евгений Колмаков (@kolmakovea): "Looking at this neat NFT store on @mintbase undefined/my-market/0x130e1e4db38477bc40bea3409e77b3d8af64f4b6 undefined/my-market/0x130e1e4db38477bc40bea3409e77b3d8af64f4b6"
3.637 Ƶ
Purple rat (@p0lrat)
Токсичная подстилка патриархата. Нижний Новгород, Россия
3.636 Ƶ
Камнееб первой степени (@PETROVICH_SIMON)
Самый гейский rocks fucker
3.161 Ƶ
astrym (@astrym2)
Нас уже 63900 - Присоединяйся!"
3.020 Ƶ
Lucky Hamster (@lucky_hamster)
#cryptocurrency, #altcoins, #bitcoin, #investing. Schrodinger's box
3.010 Ƶ
The Lysergic Mind (@thelysergicmind)
Feel alive. Collection on Wax. Ballpoint pen drawings with digital animation!
2.827 Ƶ
Mars♦️ (@NathanMars7)
Happy to be joining our global community on Twitter bring more $HIVE awareness from today. Ps. Don’t forget my second monthly AMA ( and update) on 1st June on #HIVE blockchain. 🙏🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾"
2.484 Ƶ
zabstamp (@zabstamp)
Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten, Dass ich so traurig bin; Ein Märchen aus uralten Zeiten, Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn. Zanzibar West, Tanzania
2.364 Ƶ
johnng0003 (@johnng0003)
Love Crypto. South Holland, The Netherlands
2.067 Ƶ
1.922 Ƶ
Leyla Nezrin (@NezrinLeyla)
1.903 Ƶ
Revedor (@Revedor5)
1.891 Ƶ - Всё об игре Splinterlands (@Splinterlandsru)
u - Всё об игре Splinterlands (@Splinterlandsru). изначально игра носила название Steem Monsters, был проведён плавный ребрендинг, чтобы избежать возможность созвучия со Steam и подчеркнуть самобытность проекта
1.803 Ƶ
twitta4retweet (@twitta4retweet)
o/4EAFD9Dtpp #Rplanet #Waxp #Atomichub #NFT #NFTs #NFTGiveaway #NFTGiveaways #FreeNFT #FreeNFTs #Giveaway #Giveaways #PlayToEarn #Bitcoin #blockchain #NFTGaming"
1.697 Ƶ
Царский ватник (@v2071374062)
1.620 Ƶ
Den Ivanov (@sxiii)
IT-manager, DevOps, Linuxoid, creative photographer, webmaker, sitecrawler, communicationist, openminded crazy guy 🐧#linux ₿ #bitcoin. 0x7bb0d3e2c911dCd4C90055AF9468
1.548 Ƶ
Elon Musk (@elonmusk)
e latest Tweets from Elon Musk (@elonmusk): "Congratulations @Inspiration4x!!!"
0.951 Ƶ
Holiveood | Cute Doodles (@Holimax2)
My works are not punks and toads, they are art! Holiveood (C) #NFT #NFTCommunity #nftart #cryptoart #nftcollector #NFTartist #Nft_Ru #wax #atomichub
0.827 Ƶ
Sharif Shameem (@sharifshameem)
Building @ycombinator alum. New ideas always welcome. San Francisco
0.549 Ƶ
smast (@smast1399)
0.540 Ƶ
3Speak (@3speakonline)
The Home of Free Speech! Deplatformed content creators, citizen journalists, open debate, & offensive jokes, oppression-free! - Powered by #HIVE #IPFS #Bitcoin. The Free Internet
0.514 Ƶ
Vera Kichanova (@kichanova)
Urban policy analyst at Zaha Hadid Architects (@ZHA_News) & @KingsCollegeLon Formerly, elected Councillor in Moscow & Editor-in-chief with @AtlasNetwork in Kyiv. London, England
0.472 Ƶ
Decentralization is a product
0.452 Ƶ
M@ria (@lublu_svobodu)
Сами не жили и другим не даете"
0.420 Ƶ
Brian Hazard (@colortheory)
Somehow I never outgrew the 80s 🎹🎵. Huntington Beach, CA
0.341 Ƶ
Президент PESEL (@pes_superbrat)
Ваджайна евангелист. Wroclaw, Poland
0.328 Ƶ
⚡️ InfoCrypto ⚡️ (@infocryptobr)
Crypto Trades and Analysis. Follow us on Telegram:… 📈 Daily #BTC analysis. 💎 Altcoins Fundamental and Technical Analysis. 🌱 DEFI. Brasil
0.317 Ƶ
SplinterLore (@Splinterlore)
We are the official lore for #Splinterlands, the hit collectible card game. Here you'll find stories, poems, prizes and more! The Splinterlands (fictional)
0.266 Ƶ
YT Yeasin _ I ❤️ Serey ( $SRY ) (@YTyeasin00) Social Media On Blockchain. Join me on Serey. #Serey $SRY. Serey
0.249 Ƶ
The Insider (@the_ins_ru)
0.219 Ƶ
Dogecoin Rise 🐕🪙📈🚀🌕 (@DogecoinRise)
The Original #DogecoinRise (Not Affiliated With @Dogecoin ) #TipDoge DApMn7Qg77nTvKfSEYmHAu9U738kkrqD8w. Bay Area, CA
0.209 Ƶ
Manjaro Linux (@ManjaroLinux)
More info here: #VirtualDesktops #CloudComputing"
0.204 Ƶ
Advocat_Polyakova (@AdvocatPolyako1)
Адвокат по уголовным делам. Москва, Россия
0.202 Ƶ
Константин Крылов (@k_a_krylov)
Редактор. Эрефия, Москвабад
0.184 Ƶ
PlanB (@100trillionUSD)
0.120 Ƶ
Ravin (@ravinwashere)
JavaScript lover, eats API for breakfast. 🇮🇳
0.108 Ƶ
MEET.ONE (@MeetDotOne)
NE (@MeetDotOne). Leading #DeFi #NFT wallet; supports #ETH #BTC #EOS #Binance #COSMOS #TRON;EOS Top 21 #BP GitHub: Telegram: Singapore
0.080 Ƶ
Ходорковский Михаил (@mich261213)
Пишу сам. London
0.079 Ƶ
Mozilla (@mozilla)
We work to ensure the internet remains a public resource that is open and accessible to all. The nonprofit behind @Firefox. #BlackLivesMatter. Internet
0.064 Ƶ
Чупрунов (@PavelChuprunov)
Отстаивать свои интересы — это политика. Россия, Санкт-Петербург
0.063 Ƶ
sudip limbu (@llimbus)
amp;#10;Data Structure and Algorithms - Reviewed Tries #100DaysOfCode #programming #FullStack #openappacademy"
0.063 Ƶ
Yuriy (@QYuriy)
QA Engineer. Україна
0.058 Ƶ
Chef Nomi #SushiSwap (@NomiChef)
Former head chef @SushiSwap. Smart contracts are like Sushi. Testful 📝 = Tasteful 🍣. As a chef, my job is to craft them to perfection ⭐. Tsukiji Fish Market
0.057 Ƶ
Samuel Dionne-Riel (@samueldr)
Currently hard at work making NixOS as easy to use as possible on your phone with (Oh, and other NixOS stuff I guess. Québec
0.056 Ƶ
ОВД-Инфо (@OvdInfo)
Мониторинг политических преследований. Горячая линия +7(800)707-05-28
0.056 Ƶ
Blood Card (@Bloodcard1)
It makes sense Invest in Blood. Create your future! This is the C.Camaro project. Work on the project continues !!!. Bank of Blood
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